Garden miscellaneous (2)

Une matinée bien employée pour une grenouille de ma sorte consiste à  : - Déposer les enfants à l'école. - Avaler en vitesse quelque chose et vérifier que les quinze livres sterling économisées sont toujours dans le portefeuille. - Se ruer en ville aussi vite que le permettent des talons un chouïa trop ambitieux pour … Continue reading Garden miscellaneous (2)


Garden miscellaneous (1)

I've decided to stop pretending there is a theme to what I post about my garden, when all I want to do is to share pictures and let the joy spread. Hence the title. Today is, according to the weather forecast, the last day of sunshine. The mini-summer comes to an end, but, boy was … Continue reading Garden miscellaneous (1)

July buds

July is now here, believe it or not. Here are the renoncules. Pretty glamorous, aren't they ? Now, my husband's favourite : the Japanese spiraea. A bit too voluminous to my taste (wait till this Autumn, you'll get a Tory-style cut), but the bumble bees are all over it. The alliums took their time, but … Continue reading July buds