Now is the season when blackthorns turn into clouds. Upon meeting their blooming branches, I am never quite sure if it is them, or I, who take off for the sky.
This old one, the top of which crowns the end of the path, between oak trunks, sings of Spring.

Photo 26-03-2018 09 02 07

Yet everything in my garden seems late this year, except for trees : on the maples, the dogwood and the copper beech, the buds are fattening appropriately. What is left of the forsythia tries to cheer up a very soggy garden. Even though I had a few dwarf crocus and irises (from my bulb lasagna), I am yet to witness the flowering of my first daffodil. I am all the more grateful for the brave little Hepatica transsilvanica and her neighbours, a little primula and a pink pulmonaria.

Photo 02-04-2018 12 32 21Photo 02-04-2018 12 35 18Photo 02-04-2018 12 36 11

Other friends are barely poking up, amongs which a Pasque flower which was not far from being true to its name (on time for Easter), eryngium Neptune’s Gold, an astrantia, two geraniums. They don’t make for impressive pictures, to say the least, but bring so much joy I had to give them a place here. Be grateful I am sparing you from the bits of lupins, bleeding hearts, etc.

I equipped myself with a poor woman’s greenhouse.

So far, it is housing two floppy tomato plants, a dying cutting of choisiya which survived the whole winter only to give up now, potential seedlings (orlaya grandiflora, which I first thought were borage, a reluctant set of unknown seeds which might be rose campion) and other mysterious seedlings which might be borage (???). Ahem. And some charming little cutting definitely leafing out, which I hope is from a bushy pink salvia adorning the other side of our street. And that makes me think I neeeeed Salvia Armistad in my life (I think Salvia guaranitica Black’n Blue has survived the cold !).

And here, proof that I was right to buy the dead-looking Clematis Jackmanii Superba from the reduced shelf at the garden centre last autumn !

Photo 02-04-2018 12 44 25

The best thing is that the little nest given by Grandma to my son has been carpeted by a robin.

Photo 02-04-2018 12 34 51

Alas, the other day, I inadvertently came nose-to-beak with him / her while he / she was inside. He / she flew away in great fright and the nest might stay empty…

To follow my menial but joyful gardening activities, read my Gardening Diary page.

19 thoughts on “O Spring where art thou ?

      1. Je voulais écrire, trop choupi !
        La prochaine fois mets un joli chapeau couvert de plumes … l’illusion sera parfaite😌

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  1. I have a few daffodils but not much else, and no primroses yet – roll on spring. It should be lovely when it arrives. I also have a poor woman’s greenhouse – it has served me well for nearly ten years – a wee tip though – tie it with string to something strong in case of winds 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, thank you for the tip ! It is quite lightweight isn’t it ? I have put it against the house wall now but need to find an anchor of some sort. 🙂


  2. Je suis trop mauvaise pour tout comprendre… merci pour les photos! Elles illustrent ce que j’aime dans le printemps tout neuf: il faut se pencher pour le voir…
    Mais j’attends quand même la douceur de l’air et la clarté du ciel, comme tout le monde, hein!
    Bises de loin

    Liked by 2 people

        1. I would like to get to the point of being able to express deeper things in English, more singular things. So far, I am still trapped in my own language.

          Liked by 1 person

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