Paper and light therapy



Lullaby to a garden

  To my sleeping garden this weightless lullaby a quiet outlook from a frosty window As in grey winter light the blackbird is black and the grass is revealed with the rigour of morn As the sycamore gone still inhabits the sky and homeless the grey heron flies So my patience is wantless and serene … Continue reading Lullaby to a garden


End of April. Plane trees - platanus hispanica - are now sailing along in the clear morning light. Horse chestnut-trees and paulownias have reached the peak of their beauty. The time of the euphorbia has passed. The time of the wisteria is drawing to an end.   (Euphorbia near Pernety, purple wisteria in Rue des … Continue reading Longing

Mister Black

Mon fils et moi rentrons du cours de piano. Les arbres se réveillent. Un chant nous arrête en pleine rue. It's a blackbird, dit mon fils. Nous levons la tête et devinons à contre-jour, perché au sommet d'un vieux platane, quelques étages au-dessus d'un gros pigeon, le chanteur amoureux. C'est l'ouverture officielle du printemps. En … Continue reading Mister Black