Just a short note. You may have noticed my propensity for mentioning slugs and snails. In fact, I believe doing so will strengthen my claim to be part of the great family of English / British gardeners. After all, this island could well be renamed Slugland. One of my first posts on this blog was dedicated to the little creatures (here). But truth be said, I do not hate them. Over the years, I have given up on the more cruel ways to get rid of them and have now come to the conclusion that one has to share (up to a certain point). So there we are : slugs and snails  are not my number one enemy on this little plot of land. Indeed, there are creatures I dislike more than them, for instance aphids (brrrrr…). As for the creature I loathe above all others… It isn’t a critter, nor a blind slimy wriggly thing from the depths of hell, no : it is a soft, furry, white-pawed and gracious looking mammal, the likes of which you find colonising your Facebook feed if you happen to have befriended missionaries of the cute therapy cult (there are an awful lot of them), j’ai nommé THE NEIGHBOUR’S CAT(S). The reasons for its election as supreme Suppôt de Satan ? They can be summed up very quickly : it soils, it kills needlessly, it taunts. It is the ugly face of domesticated nature. It also knows very well what to make of my threats and pressing invitations to visit my oven. None of the devices I have invested in, in order to keep it at bay, have had any effect. In a nutshell, the feline Foe teaches me about powerlessness and, in time, maybe, about humility. Meanwhile, I still dream of waving the water hose at it. Shoo !

6 thoughts on “Number one enemy

  1. Shush, I must whisper it but I agree with you. We have to be careful what we say, the garden blogging world seems to be full of fanatical cat lovers. All the neighbouring cats use my garden as a lavatory and of course it’s all carefully buried so I find it when gardening. And then they are ruthless killers of birds and I love birds. Give me a slug any day.

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    1. 😂 I am glad and honoured we share this point of view ! I too love birds. And it would be untrue to say I am every cat’s enemy, on the contrary, I can like a cat as well as anybody else, as long as it doesn’t do one of the three aforementioned things in front of me or in my garden.


  2. It is bad enough that brown snails are so destructive in the gardens of the Santa Clara Valley, but it is worse that they are exotic. They were imported from France for escargot! They are supposed to be pretty good if given some corn meal to clean them out, but most of us hat them too much to eat them. The famously big and bright yellow banana slug of the Santa Cruz Mountains looks terrifying, but only eats decomposing plant material.

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      1. Banana slug is supposedly not very good. I have never tried it, although it would be quite substantial. I do like the normal escargot, but it is too much work for just a snack. Collecting them is not a problem when they really proliferate. The work is putting them in a bin of corn meal for a day, and then processing them. In my former neighborhood, by the time they proliferated, a duck would find them, and invite his or her friends over. I am none too keen on duck. With all the critters that come through the garden, we never get anything that I would want for supper. It would be nice to find a ham or tri-tip roast out there.

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