This blog started as a way to share my sense of wonder as I learned about gardening. My canvas is a tiny North-facing back garden in Kent, but as gardening lore will have us believe size doesn’t really matter, here I am.

Gardening, writing : the contemplation of things living and dying, fighting and yielding, as well as the necessary fine-tuning of one’s body and soul to time, space, light and wind, nurtures a disposition akin to that of poetic mindfulness. Both are similar ways of positioning oneself in the world and, in many aspects, even similar in practice. Both give an insight into the relationship between man and the world, unveiling something of their respective nature and our destiny.

I tend to write about gardening in English and about other topics in French. Here and there, you will stumble on mentions of the Mediterranean. That is where my heart resides, whatever my genes might say.

In my previous life, I was Antigone, except I converted to Christianity instead of dying. Now I understand Creon more (i.e. I am becoming old). I want to live.

Another blog, where I let others speak, whose writings gave me eyes, ears, skin, hand and voice : Constellation.


The Sphinx, painting by James Bland –

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