About me


I started this blog as a way to share my sense of wonder as I learned about gardening. My canvas is a tiny North-facing back garden, so don’t expect anything grand, but according to most gardeners I’ve heard, the size of your plot shouldn’t stop you from trying, so here I am. You can find a presentation of my garden as it was when I started here.

Gardening – the contemplation of things living and dying, fighting and yielding – reconnected me with my long-held love of writing. My texts meandre between variations about exile, memory and poetry, questioning what it is or how it feels (for me at least) to be human, wielding an infinite desire in a finite world, a weak desire in an infinite world.

I believe poetry is of a revelatory nature, that it says something about the nature of man and the world and, by shining a unique light on their relationship, about our destiny. To put it simply, that there is some form of truth which poetry has the power to unveil.

Here and there, you will stumble on mentions of the Mediterranean. That is where my heart dwells, however differently my genes might say.

In my previous life, I was Antigone, except I converted to Christianity instead of dying. Now I understand Creon more (i.e. I am becoming old). I want to live. Despite a serious and intense disposition, I am trying not to take life too seriously – but then I find its depth of beauty utterly and tragically compelling.

NB : The Sphinx, painting by James Bland – http://www.jamesblandpaintings.com/

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