Jane, Paul and the tadpoles

The exceptional weather explains how little I blogged about gardening, in spite of a wild and unrequested desire to share everything that grows on my small plot - I was too busy outside, enjoying each day of sun as if it was to be the last. I can't say I remember such a sunny and … Continue reading Jane, Paul and the tadpoles


Garden miscellaneous (1)

I've decided to stop pretending there is a theme to what I post about my garden, when all I want to do is to share pictures and let the joy spread. Hence the title. Today is, according to the weather forecast, the last day of sunshine. The mini-summer comes to an end, but, boy was … Continue reading Garden miscellaneous (1)


And so my parents left Toulon, on the Mediterranean coast. They now live in a small prettyish town on the river Seine. Black alders grow on its banks, tall poplars heavily laden with gleaming mistletoe. There is a cold and beautiful medieval collegiate church which looks like Notre-Dame-de-Paris’ little sister. It is very far from … Continue reading Trying


Will you, ere my demise Let me step inside you Brother oh my forest That on the purple paths love winds into your depths I might once again walk And marvel once again Still flowering your chest The vines of destinies Some glib life would confine to thin dreams But for your breath Nestled under … Continue reading Forest


They say you never know Why you love somebody But it is for that time Beyond your time when all Those arrows loosed blind from young hearts overbowed Meet unexpected gold And chime Hear ! the call is coming home Over night-rooted crests Waking deep sullen wastes (oh years for not much gone oh life … Continue reading Archery