Releasing a maple

On Saturday, the tree surgeon came and felled the heron's sycamore. He was a young man with hair as red as it comes and a very handsome smile. Did it make the fall easier ? My husband is still feeling hurt and guilty we had to bring it down. Today, as night was creeping in, … Continue reading Releasing a maple



Will you, ere my demise Let me step inside you Brother oh my forest That on the purple paths love winds into your depths I might once again walk And marvel once again Still flowering your chest The vines of destinies Some glib life would confine to thin dreams But for your breath Nestled under … Continue reading Forest


They say you never know Why you love somebody But it is for that time Beyond your time when all Those arrows loosed blind from young hearts overbowed Meet unexpected gold And chime Hear ! the call is coming home Over night-rooted crests Waking deep sullen wastes (oh years for not much gone oh life … Continue reading Archery