Of these westernmost lands My child Will you long remember Between soft folds of velvet green Paler, darker – oh winds’ fancies The silvery song of streams ? With every further step you take Towards shorter summer Its soflty spoken rhyme will fade Its call will sound thinner Yet in the deeper still waters … Continue reading Westernmost


End of April. Plane trees - platanus hispanica - are now sailing along in the clear morning light. Horse chestnut-trees and paulownias have reached the peak of their beauty. The time of the euphorbia has passed. The time of the wisteria is drawing to an end. (Euphorbia near Pernety, purple wisteria in Rue des Thermopyles, … Continue reading Longing


waves in the morning rays in the night the light is shining through through your body brother time flows in circle and where it falls into Eternity you breathe again and rise early on its way age is coming so fades my memory still my heart waits brother still my heart waits in love