Will you, ere my demise
Let me step inside you
Brother oh my forest
That on the purple paths love winds into your depths
I might once again walk
And marvel once again

Still flowering your chest
The vines of destinies
Some glib life would confine to thin dreams
But for your breath

Nestled under your lungs
There still whisper softly
Pearly-feathered mornings
Oh gentle lullabies to many a scarred night
– Our teeth my blood your pain
Our tears and words in vain
As if we’d never heard about love’s sunny lanes

Yet here around your heart
And down in the tender
Hollow from where life cries its call
First thing and last
There still roars the furnace
Of suns, thousands and one !

When night finally comes
Brother will you entrust
My sleep and all I was and all
I could have been
To deeper soil and soul
Under those trees beyond
Whose dreams colour your eyes
Their roots deep in my song