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Working with Monty Don (a dream, obviously)

Went to bed very late, as usual (a sinful habit I don't seem to be able to correct). Woke up several times in the night, as always. The last awakening came for a good reason : what was happening in my dream troubled me enough to be cut short. Yet, it had started very nicely.… Continue reading Working with Monty Don (a dream, obviously)

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Illuminations – James Bland’s second solo exhibition

A la demande de mon ami James, j'ai écrit ce petit texte pour introduire le catalogue de ses oeuvres exposées à Canterbury du 24 février au 10 mars 2017. Il m'est arrivé de poser pour lui et j'ai le bonheur de figurer sur un des tableaux qui seront à la Lilford Gallery à Canterbury. I’ve… Continue reading Illuminations – James Bland’s second solo exhibition

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The Japanese calligraphy workshop

I have been asked by a dear friend, who practices aikishintaiso, to write something about the Japanese calligraphy workshop taught by Koshu I attended on the second of November. This one hour workshop was offered as part of "Canterbury Anifest", an annual animation festival , which this year was celebrating Japanese animation. As soon as… Continue reading The Japanese calligraphy workshop

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waves in the morning rays in the night the light is shining through through your body brother time flows in circle and where it falls into Eternity you breathe again and rise early on its way age is coming so fades my memory still my heart waits brother still my heart waits in love