And while snow and ice are burying the few flowers that had appeared in my garden (essentially hellebores, nothing else yet)…

… I keep myself busy with my indoor friends. After my last post on the subject, a very kind reader and neighbour came and gave me a beautiful chlorophytum comosum – it gladdened my heart, as they remind me of biology lessons, of hometown and friends. Here it is, throwing a new inflorescence up. We detached its biggest pup and planted in a silk-clay container made by my daughter. Thank you again, Will !

Speaking of new growth, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see my very small maranta leuconeura Fascinator preparing a new leaf. I was doubtful this plant would make it in my cold draughty house, as members of the prayer plants family can be a bit demanding.

Nevertheless, if one is going to grow houseplants, one would find difficult to overlook calatheas. Their leaf patterns and graceful habit are second to none. Some even have the most gorgeous textured leaves : I don’t think I have ever touched anything as soft as the underside of calathea rufibarba leaves (also aptly named velvet calathea) – except maybe newly-unfurled beech leaves. Many houseplants have variegated, artistically patterned or dramatically coloured leaves, such as aglaonemas or dieffenbachias, but in my opinion, nothing can beat the calatheas. One of their common names is peacock plants – they certainly deserve it.

It’s funny how things can surprise you. I had seen a lot of posts about syngoniums and they didn’t particularly inspire me. Yet I bought this syngonium White Butterfly and it is now one of my favourite plants.

Next time, I would like to show you my vines, but for now, I will leave you with a picture of the view from my study (sounds grand but it is, in reality, not much bigger than a cupboard).

7 thoughts on “Indoor gardening (2)

  1. Outdoor gardening for me today, if you can call fixing up warning boards to stop intruders gardening. A colleague has put a coat of anti-climb paint on the wall. We had too many messy picnics over the summer.

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  2. Indoor plants are too much for us to cope with but your photos are wonderful and indeed tell us of your love of houseplants. After some light snow blow on the wind, the last two days have been dry here in NI but the wind has been bitterly cold. Lots of Song Thrushes and Blackbirds in the garden looking for chilled snails.

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  3. J’adore les soufflés neigeux, ils sont à tomber….
    Ton jardinet intérieur est lui aussi super mignon !!
    Quelle attention et quel soin 😉
    je t’embrasse chère Frog et merci pour toutes ces beautés simples qui ravissent mon esprit

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    1. Thank you for her, Katya ! It was meant for a bigger pot but shrank whilst drying. I think the little spider plant looks happy in it. But they are cheerful plants anyway. 😊

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