8 thoughts on “Apprendre

    1. Dear Katya, I started learning in April. This is an unexpected fruit of the lockdown. The calligrapher from whom I had wanted to learn for years started doing online lessons, and I could finally join in. I don’t practise in the week so don’t progress fast, but with perseverance I might get there ! Thank you very much for your encouragement ! 🙂

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      1. That’s great! I have wanted for so long to learn calligraphy and actually looked for online classes on Skillshare but never found anything inspiring. I might ask you for your teacher’s details and try it again during the winter months. Who knows, we may even get the second lockdown.. What a wonderful fruit of these dark times! (I started baking bread, which is a much more banal lockdown occupation 😀)

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        1. I wish I knew how to bake bread ! I have seen a number of people make theirs on facebook and the loaves looked wonderful. Of course I will send you my teacher’s details. 🙂


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