Photo 01-03-2020 15 04 36Photo 01-03-2020 15 05 40

With real Roman tiles, Sir. (I know I need more oxygenating plants, will order some for the pond, as well as that stuff against that nasty green algae which is already starting to choke the pond…). By the way, I hope the fact the frogspawn is not floating doesn’t mean our future tadpoles are doomed.

6 thoughts on “Promise

    1. Thank you Will ! The kids wanted to tell you all about it this morning but they didn’t see you. The two male frogs are still in the pond at night so I hope we might get more eggs ! I would leave them in the pond.


    1. They are surviving better than I thought ! Video (a very bad one) to come soon. The tiles come from a Roman villa where my archaeologist husband worked with his students. They were no longer needed, so I used them in the garden. 🙂


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