6 thoughts on “Collage numérique # 6 – Série limitée

  1. hop ! une reinette fleurie (et là, je me rends compte que je ne sais pas si la grenouille et la pomme homophones sont homonymes… (et que je ne suis pas vraiment sûr du sens de ces deux derniers mots là…)
    un jour, j’apprendrais à fond le français

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    1. 😂 Je crois que la grenouille est rainette alors que la pomme règne. Enfin, peut-être. Dis moi quand tu commences l’apprentissage, je me joindrai à toi, on apprend mieux à plusieurs !

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  2. The Frog and the Blossoms is lovely 🙂 Speaking of cherry blossoms, so envious of you all over there across the Channel, The Grange where Colingwood “Cherry” Ingram cultivated his collection of Japanese cherry trees, is open to the public this weekend only (I am just finishing the fascinating book by Naoko Abe)…

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    1. The weather is dreary here this week-end, with rain. I am saying this to console us as neither of us can go to The Grange tomorrow… I haven’t read the book about Ingram, but it is on my list. Something about cherry trees, gardening and Japan : yes please !

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      1. Going to Japan to visit gardens is such a dream of mine! Have you seen Monty Don’s latest on Japanese gardens? I think going in the autumn would be as lovely, and perhaps more interesting than for hanami parties!

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        1. Yes I have seen Monty’s programme. I liked the first episode more than the second which was not as informative in my opinion. I was grateful for the pictures but thought the format was a bit frustrating as each topic / place didn’t get enough time, which resulted in a superficial presentation. It isn’t Monty’s fault and I realise it is already good to get that program at all, but I « stayed on my hunger » as we say in French. My favourite bit was about the tea garden I think. What was yours ?


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