There is blue in the sunbeams
A libration in the trees’ songs
December is like a stream
Cutting through slanting seasons
Signs are laid for all to heed
Time has come for me to leave

On the cobbles where you flew
Chased and torn and broken fell
I am still looking for you
Tender prey of a deep spell
Let me bear your long sorrow
Time has come to let it go

Sparrows ruffle the hedges
Wind-borne martins sear the skies
Brightness is sharpening edges
Of branches’ pure outlines
Seeds of love, you said, let us sow
Is it time to let you go ?

If it is that time again
To give in to forgetfulness
Part of me will last remain
Interwoven in past steps
Slumber is only shallow
Time has come for me to go

3 thoughts on “Parting song

    1. Coucou Chloé, voici le vocabulaire :

      sumbeam : rayon de soleil
      libration : libration (en gros, lente oscillation réelle ou apparente d’un corps céleste)
      stream : cours d’eau
      to slant : être oblique, pencher
      to heed : tenir compte de
      cobble : pavé
      spell : incantation
      sorrow : chagrin
      to ruffle : ébouriffer, froisser
      hedge : haie
      wind-borne : emporté, amené par le vent
      martins : hirondelles de fenêtre
      tp sear : brûler
      to sharpen : aiguiser
      to sow : semer
      to give in : céder
      to interweave : entrelacer
      slumber : sommeil
      shallow : superficiel



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