Beginning of April

Just to say Acer Palmatum Katsura is leafing out. It is absolutely as beautiful as I imagined it, leaves of luminous green lined with pink, and glowing as if internally lit. I am a rubbish photographer, but I think you can still guess the gracefulness and the lightness.



Another wonder of March was the Brunnera macrophylla Jack Frost. Not only are the leaves made of velvet covered in silver dust, and resistant to slugs, but the flowers are of an incredible intense blue, and they lighten up the dark corner where I have planted it. They feel like bits of February sky fallen in my garden. What a shame they appear of this washed colour on the photos.


I am so glad the snake-head fritillaries are back, with their surprising checked little purple and white lampshades. I’ll try to plant a lot more of them next year.

DSCN9370 DSCN9372

Here are the delphiniums, which seem miraculously exempt of slug damage (so far) !


My neighbour’s dainty little clematis, already in flower !


My first paeony bud. Ever. Big smile.


Yes, the garden makes me happy, and I am grateful.



Author: Frog

French and Vietnamese, living between England, France, and an often-dreamt Mediterranean, where my heart dwells.

2 thoughts on “Beginning of April”

  1. J’ignorais qu’il existât une plante possédant un nom aussi jouissif que “fritillaria”. Chez moi, je ne sais comment, des petites choses vertes apparaissent dans des pots que je n’ai jamais arrosés depuis que les déménageurs les ont posés sur le balcon. Rien d’extraordinaire, juste de la verveine et de la ciboulette, que je n’oserai sans doute pas consommer, car j’habite maintenant bien trop près d’un axe à grande circulation…
    Tiens, je vais aller remettre de l’eau.
    Les arbres de la place Bahadourian sont tous en fleurs, des fleurs d’un rose incandescent. Je suis obligée de traverser la place très vite parce que je suis toujours en retard, mais je voudrais avoir le temps de les contempler, car ils sont vraiment magnifiques. Je ne connais pas leur nom.
    Bravo pour ton jardin.


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