Moons come and go, and seasons pass
Many men’s lives, centuries fast
Bright sunny days far above gleam
But deep inside the mountain you dream
Sat on treasures a-sparkling

Moons come and go – what do you see
In your long age of reverie
Chests of jewels, glistening stones ?
Or can you still feel in your bones
Deep in your heart rememb’ring

Up in high skies the breath of winds
Wildly flowing upon your wings
The golden rays of a clear dawn –
Would you still know from days long gone
The living World a-changing ?

Spirit of greed, heavy slumber
Have they extinguished the thunder
That before you all things would bow
And to sure death whole cities vow
Under the blaze a-searing ?

Well then, sleep tight, oh Dragon of old
As ages flow, Fire gone cold
And while you guard your very own jail
Your name will turn into a tale
For the children a-singing.

P.S. : I have found this fantastic drawing of Smaug by the illustrator Daniel Govar. I didn’t dare to ask him if I could post a copy here, so you’ll have to click on the link. 😉

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