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To an old Worm (or Smaug’s Uncle).

Moons come and go, and seasons pass
Many men’s lives, centuries fast
Bright sunny days far above gleam
But deep inside the mountain you dream
Sat on treasures a-sparkling

Moons come and go – what do you see
In your long age of reverie
Chests of jewels, glistening stones ?
Or can you still feel in your bones
Deep in your heart rememb’ring

Up in high skies the breath of winds
Wildly flowing upon your wings
The golden rays of a clear dawn –
Would you still know from days long gone
The living World a-changing ?

Spirit of greed, heavy slumber
Have they extinguished the thunder
That before you all things would bow
And to sure death whole cities vow
Under the blaze a-searing ?

Well then, sleep tight, oh Dragon of old
As ages flow, Fire gone cold
And while you guard your very own jail
Your name will turn into a tale
For the children a-singing.

P.S. : I have found this fantastic drawing of Smaug by the illustrator Daniel Govar. I didn’t dare to ask him if I could post a copy here, so you’ll have to click on the link. 😉

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