Gates of the night

You stand so still under the night
As the bright moon shines down on you
Your back to me, your mind afar
With starry ice born on your skin.

Are you a man ? an illusion ?
Your presence always seems a dream
Tastes of absence – a reflection
Of the moonlight on a far stream.

For many years I have known you
On all my paths I followed you
For in my blood you left your sign
And yet a stranger you remain.

But next to me – just here – you stand
and I would touch you if only…
But touch I daren’t as I well know
There’s nothing of you I can hold.

You stand so still, your back to me
But I can feel without seeing
Down in your night the frozen depths
And of your eyes the raven blue.

Constellation du Verseau - Aquarius

Image prise ici :


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