Back in business (already ?)

So, thanks to this very mild (though very wet) winter, a number of things have been happening in my little garden in spite of the season ! Some of them were expected, as the coming of the snowdrops :


and the flowering of the hellebores (Blue Metallic Lady):

DSCN9003  DSCN9026

By the way, I am quite satisfied with the result. This is what the website promised :

Large image

and this is what I get :


Pretty good, I reckon, for an ignorant like me.

The other hellebore is saving its good looks for later :


OK, so the daffs and the hyacinths are also going to flower quite soon. I get it.

DSCN9046  DSCN9045

The iris are up, and I understand that is orderly behaviour.


What seems a bit strange to me is the fact that alliums and even tulips are also peeking through.

DSCN9036  DSCN9038

That may be perfectly normal, I don’t know, this is my first garden-observing winter, but if my memories are not too treacherous, last year, those bulbs woke up a lot later.

Other plants which seem to be a bit confused are the ranunculus :


For those of you who are not dead of boredom and have made it this far, let’s continue this tour of my garden in early February :

– first, muscari eaten by snails and slugs. And there I was, imagining that the enemies would be at rest during Winter ! (Yes, this is why you don’t see much on the picture, apart from dead leaves. It’s not just because I am a rubbish photographer, it also illustrates my point. A strike if you answer back !)


– first shoots of the paeonies (is this the year when I’ll get a flower ?)


– tiny green leaves on the Sedum. He might still be alive !


– under the salad bowl is the Hepatica Transsilvanica which is probably going to die of the rain. That would be a big shame, because this is what they should look like when in flower :

DSCN8999  Large image

– … and euh… yes, still here… (missed the collection day again, didn’t I ?)


Oh, all those little nothings (do you say that in English ?) which make my day ! 🙂


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