Happy New Year – Peace be with you

OK OK OK, so in less than two hours, we are going to be in a new year, let’s hope it’s better than this one.

Just come back from The North (Manchester) this evening, after four wonderful days where I didn’t do any shopping, cooking, cleaning, planning, and could just sit on a comfortable carpet in a warm lounge and converse with my super in-laws, a second helping of yummy trifle in my hands, while the rain was bashing diagonally against the windows. Love family. Love the North.

Back in Canterbury, we are not having a party (laundry, house cleaning, and other favourite activities of mine) (seriously), but I nevertheless feel happy because :

– I can still feel the Northern warmth,
– I escaped the mild gastro-enteritis which has been passed from some family members to others,
– I had sushi on the way home (not the best, but I am not fussy today),
– I have delicious French-style chestnut stuffing with turkey in the freezer, and a full box of Pyrénéens (the best chocolates you can buy in a French supermarket, and better than many chocolates you can buy in an Artisan chocolatier’s shop – yes, I said it), along with papillotes, dark chocolate coated nuts, clotted cream rice puddings and other delicacies which will work wonders for my long-intended diet,
– The snowdrops are coming up,
– I still have 5 days of holiday to enjoy, and, last but not least,
– my house in going to be clean (when I stop writing this and go downstairs to mop the floorboards).

Things were tough for us before Christmas and are probably not going to be very easy in 2014, but tonight, from my partyless cold little house, I want to send to all my friends the feeling of warmth and peace, hope and joy which fills me, and wish you all a very happy New Year.

And yes, I am aware most people don’t share my luck, and, as many, I pray for peace.

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