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Quick update. (And about rose-tinted glasses.)

The rain and the cold have arrived.

The Katsura maple is a deep purple colour. The Osakazuki is very slowly reddening. Redwine lost all its leaves some time ago because of mildew, but has lots of buds. Acer Shirawasanum Aureum is looking quite ugly as its leaves are scorched.

I still have a wall of pink and white cosmos at the back of the garden.

I have planted all my alliums, the snowdrops and the muscari. I follow the advice of waiting for Novembre for the tulips as it worked quite well last year. The sea holly and the bearded irises haven’t been delivered yet (and I heard on Gardeners’ World that you should really plant bearded irises in September…).

Auntie Shelagh’s rose has decided to flower again, so have the Anémones de Caen.

Don’t feel like blogging at the moment. I mean, I would like to write something else than “Me, my feelings, what I think of it all”, but don’t have time to do any research (when will I be able to write that post about Gotham City and Minas Tirith and other fabulous cities ?). I didn’t want to write a self-centred blog, but it’s just what I end up with as I need time to write about any other subject.

A friend said I sound harsh on myself in my posts, but I am just harsh on everybody and I am not a fan of rose-tinted glasses. I don’t think one deserves love or respect just when one is nearly perfect. People should be able to be realistic or honest about themselves without being suspected of self-loathing. I think rose-tinted glasses are a sign of weakness or low self-esteem. It’s like this crazy belief some people have that they actually deserve their good luck… but no, I am not going to write about that now, I still need friends. End of the cheap psychology paragraph. 🙂

Will add pictures when the camera comes back, it has apparently been borrowed by one of my husband’s students (??!?).

I am not miserable, I just need more sleep.

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