July is now here, believe it or not.

Here are the renoncules.



Pretty glamorous, aren’t they ?

Now, my husband’s favourite : the Japanese spiraea. A bit too voluminous to my taste (wait till this Autumn, you’ll get a Tory-style cut), but the bumble bees are all over it.



The alliums took their time, but they are quite spectacular now. I mean, the alliums Christophii, as the Caeruleum are still waiting for God knows what.


Now to the bits I like : things I did not expect, or about which I had given up hope, but which don’t hold a grudge and still go their patient way, like the poppy :


or the anemones de Caen,


or the liatris spicata.


As expected, Sainsbury’s can’t really be trusted on the colour of the plants they sell. You may remember I went there and purchased some yellow flowering plants for my son. Well, here is the lupin :


Even the worst kind of sophist featuring in The Apprentice wouldn’t convince my son this flower is yellow. (I find it funny some people are ashamed to admit they watch the Jeremy Kyle Show, but not The Apprentice. I think the kind of stuff you see in the latter programme is more damaging to the idea of a worthy humankind.)

Lovely weeds : I must admit the plant which has actually given me most satisfaction wasn’t planted by me, nor by anybody. It is the Herb Robert, yes, that invasive weed, which builds such wonderfully light architectural structures of red, pink and green, dotted with dainty little flowers that bees love so much.I have let it grow along the border of a flower bed. Shame my camera is not able to capture its beauty.


Other unexpected beauty, legacy of my father-in-law’s meadow flower mix of last year.


And, finally, some expected vandalism by birds, who have eaten all the red strawberries. Well, I accept it will happen until I can get a net.


Bon appetit, little birds, this feast won’t last forever ! (I say little, but my garden is actually inhabited by fat blackbirds who think it is their space and keep looking at me with a reprobatory stare).

3 thoughts on “July buds

  1. Nos fraises ont aussi profité à d’autres que nous! Il nous reste les framboises qui rosissent doucement…


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