Not feeling on top of anything today. My daughter is suffering very badly from chickenpox and has been screaming for most of the day, starting at 2 am last night. Her father has been running between chemist shops to find creams and antihistamin drugs.

On the gardening front, I have finally accepted that the sowing of various annuals some weeks ago is probably going to fail. The Cosmos (cf. in Naruto, that moment between Sakura and Ino) have come up but are losing their battle against snails. The Nemophila 5 spots are in the same situation. And of the Love-in-a-mist, there is no sign. (Which makes my going up to the nusery even more painful as I stare with envy at the neighbours’ beautiful borders filled with bearded irises, rose buds, alliums (mine take so long to open, I may be dead before there is anything to see), clouds of blue Love-in-a-mist – I’d better stop here). On the other hand, weeds are doing wonderfully in my garden, and another type of aphids has infested the pink honeysuckle.

But I haven’t given up hope. Having gone to Sainbury’s for a ready meal, I came home with yellow flowers (my son’s favourite colour, he wouldn’t let me buy them otherwise) : yellow lilies and lupin. It’s my second attempt with a lupin – as usual, it was bought for its name : some of you may also have read the wonderfully illustrated Fleur de Lupin by Binette Schroeder as a child. If you have, it is unlikely you have forgotten it.

9782211066150_1_75     953130120

© Ecole des Loisirs

Also, a pink dianthus. Not surrendering yet !

(Yes, I realise I am doing it again : buying random things to fill holes in the flower bed, a course of action which is unlikely to create harmony, especially with the Japanes maples in the middle of it. But I accept that I am only a beginner and that it will take time before I get an idea of what I should be doing.)

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